[SM003] Paradroid - Galaga Gamelan (2003) re-release

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[SM003] Paradroid - Galaga Gamelan (2003) re-release

Beitragvon keinzweiter » 11. Juni 2007, 21:54

Unsere 3. Vinyl nun auch als freies mp3 Release. Hier geht es diesmal etwas saftiger zu als bei den letzten beiden. Happy bouncing!

Demos im Bereich minimal/jazz/funk/glitch/ auch ambient und downbeat sind immer willkommen.

After a period of 60 days our third re-release is free now.
This is Paradroid`s debut EP.

spontanMusik 003
paradroid - galaga gamelan (2003)

Paradroid`s music - of course , doesn`t pretend to be as valuable as a Ming dynasty vase. Compared to vases however (Woolworth or Ming doesn`t matter in this case), it shows one tiny but significant difference: it can bounce without being destroyed. But who cares about this difference anyway? As a matter of fact these tunes are rather supernatural, maybe comparable to a water-pik full of platinum mixed up with loads of mercury Ð shining in all spectral colors of robofunk. Caramel-crisped 8 bit convenience forces a deep bongo attitude into high-tech gorilla demeanor. This deep ear-assault packed in a warm wealthy paper sleeve could be an ideal gift for everyone who loves music between minimal techno and hardtrance. progressive... so to say ! what it exactly means ? i really don«t know !

* paradroid - Gyroscopic robo funk
* paradroid - Instant landshark
* paradroid - Isoperimetric polyiamonds
* paradroid - Plutonium boulevard
* paradroid - Mourning blues
* paradroid - Galaga gamelan

http://spontan-musik.de/index.php?mod=s ... lease_id=3

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Coming soon: Classic Accidents Vol.1
Stay tuned for our upcoming free compilation with Paradroid, Keinzweiter, Sven Laux,Tom Ellis, Minimono, Fym and many more!!
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